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Management platform 100% online to control your Business.

NO MORE Whatsapp!

Have the control of your COMPANY in your hands!


Fast Customer Service

In seconds you register products, boxes and services for your customers. Quick and easy access to all information.

Customer's area

Your registered customer can request shipments to anywhere in the world, services, simulate freight, add addresses and much more.


BoxControl integrates with WebSite and also with several payment platforms and freight, such as PayPal and USPS .

Inventory Control and Shipping

Control of boxes and products. Easy access for your Customer to send the products.

Assisted Purchase

Registration and monitoring of the Assisted Purchase order made by your customers.

Exclusive Ecommerce Exclusive

Sell products through your Exclusive Ecommerce, integrated with your customers' Suite.

Email Notifications

Save time by notifying the receipt and registration of products by Whatsapp. Our system automatically notifies your customer.


Keep your accounting up to date, following the daily flow of your cash.

Smart Reports

Several reports to control the data and its indicators, assisting in the management of your business.

Faturamento Em Breve

Envie fatura com base em valores fixos, quantidades com preços unitários ou horas.

Contas a Pagar/Receber Em Breve

Controle de forma simples e rápida todas as despesas e receitas. Gerencie os parcelamentos, inclua seus custos fixos e os recebimentos dos clientes.

Orçamento Em Breve

Envie orçamentos personalizados para seus clientes em segundos.

These are some of the infinite ways of PAYMENT METHODS available:

Best cost-benefit in the market.

Access WHEN you want, from WHERE you want.

Sistema de Redirecionamento de Encomendas


BoxControl was developed on a platform compatible with any browser and device.

Responsive Design

Ultimate Design and Technology. Whether on mobile, tablet or computer.

Easy Browsing

BoxControl is designed to be easy to use, without the need for hours of training.

Free Updates

Being up-to-date is the key to reliability, which is why our customers receive free system updates.

Online Storage

All data is saved on the platform with 100% online availability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Millions of Benefits

It does not need to be installed, it does not need to be updated, 100% Web. Access from where you want, when you want!

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